• “Thank you so much for being our doula extraordinaire! We feel so lucky to have had you at the birth of both of our children. Your labor support was truly invaluable. ”
    Emily, June 2012
  • “Dear Majbritt“
    “Thank you for all the support you provided me during my labor with my son. I was so fortunate to have a quick labor and appreciated all your coaching, motivation and encouragement. You have a gift of helping pregnant women ease though labor. Thank you again for helping me achieve my dream of having a natural birth.”
    Kruti April 2012
  • “Words can not express our gratitude for sharing the birth of our daughter with us. I will never forget your gentle touch and calm voice as the intensity of labor increased. I am so grateful that I was able to feel and labor and own the experience. I am not sure I would have been able to go drug free had you not been there. You are forever a part of our lives in our hearts and part of the story that began our daughter's entrance into the world.”
    Kim, January 2012
  • "My husband and I are so happy that we decided to hire a doula at the last minute. Majbritt was wonderful! Her support at the hospital was so helpful in achieving our goal of a natural birth. Her calming presence is part of the reason that I remember my birth day with fondness. The pictures that she took of my husband and I when our son was born are absolutely priceless."
    Christina, November 2011
  • "I don't know how women have births without doulas! As a second time mom, Majbritt was so great and I truly feel it would have been so much more difficult without her! Not only was she there to answer questions as I got closer to my due date but during the birth she was a calm force that helped me make it through hard labor. Laying her hands on my lower back when I could not talk during contractions and guiding my husband as well. I felt that she was intuitive and my voice when I could not speak. I had such a beautiful birth and am so happy and pleased Majbritt was a part of it."
    Jennifer, December 2011
  • "Having Majbritt's calm, caring, and knowledgeable support during our daughter's birth made an intervention free childbirth possible for me. I'm positive that her presence and the trust that we established were fundamental to this process. She anticipated the needs of both myself and my husband, guiding us through each stage with grace. Her gift is great and we are forever grateful to her."
    Janelle, May 2011
  • "Thank you so much for being our doula! Your knowledge and skill took so much stress away during labor for both me and my husband. Your complete care, sensitivity and presence during labor made the whole experience complete and rewarding. It is obvious to all how much you love what you do and how much you love the new lives you help bring into the world! I am grateful beyond words for your beautiful heart."
    Samantha, January 2011
  • "As much as I had read and talked with my “mom-friends” about their labor and delivery, the most comforting and calming piece of information I had going into my first childbirth experience was that Majbritt would be there! Before I gave birth to my son, I knew Majbritt to be one of the most positive and upbeat people I have ever known. She is just one of those people you want to be around! Majbritt was invaluable to us having the best possible birth experience. Her presence and calm encouragement helped us get through the seemingly endless hours of labor. It was an enormous blessing to have someone there who knew what I needed even before I did. I could not imagine that day without her. What a precious gift! THANK YOU, Majbritt!!"
    Lane, January 2011
  • "We hired Majbritt for the birth of our third child and oh how I wish we would have used a doula for the first two as well! Having a doula present at the birth made a huge difference because I felt that Majbritt truly knew and supported my goals for our birth experience. Sure enough at the hospital the doctor wasn't present at all and the nurses were only there to handle paperwork and IV's. But Majbritt was right by my side the whole time. She did excellent massage, helped me breath through the contractions, and assured me that I was doing a great job. I could not recommend her highly enough! Thank you Majbritt for helping this experience to be all I dreamed it could!"
    Jennifer, January 2011
  • "Thank you so much for being our doula. at the birth of our daughter. Your calming and reassuring presence made all the difference even though the labor was incredibly quick! You definitely have a gift! We were so appreciative to have your help."
    Jessica, December 2010
  • "After researching and interviewing several others, once we met with Majbritt, my husband and I knew she was the right choice for our home birth doula. She was professional and informative, and we enjoyed getting to know her better as our son's birth approached. My labor ended up being long, and we were so thankful to have Majbritt there. She helped my husband support me and then took turns supporting me while my husband took much needed breaks. My midwife commented later that she enjoyed working with Majbritt; she was the perfect compliment to our labor team. My husband and I highly recommend Majbritt anytime we hear of someone interested in having a doula at their birth, home or otherwise; we are so thankful that she was at ours!"
    Amalie, November 2010
  • "At the beginning of our pregnancy we had no expectations of what labor would be like, but at the advice of a friend we started searching for a doula. From the moment we met Majbritt. we knew she had to be part of our birthing team. She is positive, keeps a clear perspective, and never gets flustered. She asked questions to help form the vision of our daughter's birth. Every worry and fear we had she eased and made us feel so empowered. Life doesn't always go as planned, and during our 47 hour labor we had to make the difficult decision to bring our baby into the world via Cesarrian Section. We had confidence in our choice because of the wisdom and guidance Majbritt gave us. We were blessed to have her at our side over the course of 2 long days. A difficult birth was then followed by more struggles and lots of tears as we learned how to care for our baby girl. We always knew help was a phone call away. Majbritt came to our house on a moments notice to give inspiration and comfort. When we look back at the birth of our first baby, we can smile and be proud because of her support. Majbritt started out as our doula, but quickly became a friend."
    Christina, November, 2010
  • "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Your support and assistance during the birth of our daughter was a vital part of our amazing birth experience. Your suggestions, inner calm and reassurance were amazing! We could have not imagined a birth experience without your presence. Thank you for making a world of difference!"
    Rachel and Kevin, June 2010
  • "Majbritt is truly gifted and has found her calling as a doula. The prenatal meetings with her were most helpful and she put us at ease by answering all of our questions. And first-time parents have a lot of questions! During the birth of our child, I had a very long labor - she stayed with us both body and soul the entire time. She was calm, supportive, nurturing, knowledgeable and we could not have done it without her. She encouraged me during every single contraction and gave me the confidence to keep going when I thought I could not. She was a great help to my husband also. They found a rhythm and it was amazing the way they worked together. Our room at the hospital was calm and granted a lot of independence thanks to her - I know the nurses appreciated her presence. When it came time to make difficult decisions and my scenario of the perfect natural birth was becoming unrealistic, she helped us rationalize the situation and was not judgemental. Most importantly, we now have a healthy, happy baby boy. And mama and daddy are happy too. We will definitely keep in touch with Majbritt as I feel we have gained a friend. "
    Laura, March 2010
  • Majbritt, Thank you for all your support during our pregnancy. It was such a comfort to have you as a resource both during those last months and of course on our big day! You really helped me be calm and confident going into labor and in the end we had exactly the kind of natural childbirth we had prepared and hoped for. Thank you!
    Jessica, December 2009
  • "Majbritt was the most amazing addition to our birth entourage! She was an amazing support and comfort from the time she got to our house pre-hospital, through the time she stayed with me after delivery. Not sure how 'the husband' would take to the labor process; she was a gentle guide for him to be present with me, while at the same time being there for me as I needed her. The service she provided was more than worth it! She meets you on mutiple occassions pre-birth and a week postpartum; it truly makes a difference having a supportve woman by your side that you're not only comfortable with, but that is also knowledgable about the birth process. Mostly, her being there made me feel safe, which if you're about to give birth, you'll find this is one of the most important things in giving birth. To top is off, she took the most amazing pictures for us during the actual birth. You can't go wrong."
    Nicole, June 2009
  • "Until I met Majbritt, I was unsure how I was going to cope with the pain and anxiety of a natural labor and delivery. She was by my side for 16 hours, and at the onset of each contraction she applied counterpressure to my back to ease my back labor, and she gently reassured me that I was doing what I needed to do. She and my husband worked as a team to provide unwavering support for me, allowing me to focus solely on the contractions while they tended to my needs. At one point I was unsure if I could go on, and she reminded me to take a breath and stay on top of the contractions, which seems so simple but was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. She told me I could handle the labor, that nothing that was happening was too big, too intense, or too painful for what my body and my mind could handle. And she was right! After sixteen hours of labor and about 15 minutes of pushing, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into the world. I feel eternally grateful to Majbritt for the gift she gave to my family."
    Sally, March 2009
  • "I never dreamed I would birth my baby at home. I also had never met someone so passionate about helping women and babies go through this rewarding experience. Thanks to Majbritt, I was able to engage on this journey with complete faith and support.She kept me calm and relaxed during my labor, and she encouraged me when I felt too weak to continue. I wanted pictures of our son's birth and she captured some remarkable photos for us to remember that day by. I am so thankful Majbritt encouraged me to do what my heart really wanted to do. She didn't give up on me and she helped me overcome my fear of birthing at home by providing me plenty of resources and information. What a beautiful thing labor is! How many women can say that today? I am so glad I can. Thank you, Majbritt!"
    Holly, January 2009
  • "I wanted to have a natural delivery with my first, but wasn't very successful, as my husband and I had no idea what we were doing! So at my second birth I was determined, and that's where Majbritt came in! Thank goodness for her, she was a Godsend! She knew my wants and needs and made my birth successful! I know for a fact if she hadn't been there to help me convey to the doctor and nurses what I wanted and keep me focused I never would have been able to have a natural birth. My husband and I are so thankful to have met Majbritt! She truly made me feel like super woman getting through my birth! Thanks for all your help." Leyanne, December 2008
  • "After several pregnancy books described doulas and their services, I decided to look into local doulas. I spoke with my husband and we agreed that if we could find the right person, a doula would be a valuable asset during delivery. My husband and I are both very analytical, sometimes overly rational and logical people. We knew that labor could be anything but rational and logical, and it was important to us to have someone on our side who could help us make decisions in the heat of the moment. Plus, we both thought it was good to have someone hired by us specifically for us since this would be our first child and our first time navigating the waters of a hospital delivery room. The decision to hire a doula was one of the best ideas I ever made, and I will encourage others to consider the same option in the future. When I spoke with Majbritt on the phone, I was very impressed with her ability to listen and her willingness to help me make informed choices. She did not push any agenda of her own on me, and she was very thorough in both of the prenatal interviews. On our delivery day, Majbritt was absolutely awesome. She talked me through contractions, guided my husband to help me, and worked seamlessly with the hospital staff. She took some pictures of the delivery and wrote a beautiful birth story, all of which will be treasured by me forever. In the postpartum weeks, Majbritt was helpful in adjusting to life with a newborn and was a listening ear when I ran into some mild postpartum depression. I am so grateful for her presence in every aspect of my sons birth and infancy."
    Sarah, August 2008
  • "We are so grateful for your presence and guidance during the labor and delivery of our grandson. Even though it was a long and arduous time for us all, your calm presence made it go so much more smoothly than if you had not been with them. Thank you for your timely updates on how things were going. We are all most appreciative."
    Patty H., October 2008
  • "Both my husband and I felt so grateful that Majbritt was present for the birth of our daughter. We both expressed how we never could have done it with out her support. I needed a lot of support when I was in the transition phase for hours and it was very hard for me to find my rhythm, but Majbritt was so skilled at helping me focus and get through each contraction, and most importantly, she helped my husband help me. It was so nice having so much support and comfort during my labor. Although the birth did not go as planned, I am so glad we had Majbritt with us. It was so nice having a support person in the recovery room after my c-section so that my husband could remain with our baby in the nursery. We can't thank Majbritt enough for her help."
    Brooke A., January 2008
  • "The experience of a natural childbirth is a miracle beyond words! How can I ever thank you for being there with us for the birth of our daughter? You were there to keep me focused and in control. I donÕt normally handle pain very well and I donÕt consider myself a “strong” person. The smallest splinter can bring tears to my eyes, so the thought of natural childbirth did not seem like a possibility to meÉ.until now! Without your encouragement and support, we would have had an entirely different experience. IÕm already thinking about doing it again! Thank you for everything!"
    Sara D., January 2008
  • "Your support was intuitive yet unobtrusive. John never felt pushed aside, quite the contrary, we both really appreciated your gentle suggestions on how he could best support me during the birth. I only wish that you'd been there for my first birth! I really felt well supported and understood which was so important to me in creating the kind of birth that I wanted. Thank you so much!"
    Erin H., December 2007
  • "Thank you so much for all the support and help bringing our bundle of joy in this world. It was great help"
    Piroj P., December 2007
  • "Thanks for being the most wonderful doula. My Mom and Dad couldn't have done it without you. They appreciate all the love and support you provided".
    Presley B., July, 2006
  • "Having a Doula helped me in more ways than I can explain. You Knew how to comfort both Mom and I. You're very professionel and caring. All the knowledge and references were priceless".
    Steve B., July 2006
  • "How do I even begin to thank you for the tremendous blessing you were to me and my family? I sure do appreciate everything that you did for us, before, during and after Beth's birth".
    Elaine H., March 2006