Birth Doula Services

  • Two Prenatal visits
  • Phone and email support throughout your pregnancy
  • Help with writing an effective birth plan
  • Continuous support throughout entire active labor and birth and immediately following
  • Assistance with your initial breastfeeding
  • One postpartum visit within 2 weeks of your birth
  • Birth Photos
  • Help with comfort measures for effective and pain-alleviated labor

The fee for these services is on a sliding scale. You decide what you're comfortable paying me between $900-$1000. I collect $300 when you hire me and the remainder at the post partum visit.

Please don't let finances get in the way of hiring the right doula. If we are a good match, I'm always flexible with my fee if it does not fit within your budget. Contact me and we can se what we can come up with.

I serve the entire Austin and surrounding areas.

Overnight Postpartum Care

One of the most challenging parts of becoming a new parent is getting enough sleep. Without adequate sleep, life with a newborn can be a very trying time. As an overnight postpartum doula, I will help your family get rest and share methods for achieving the most sleep with your newborn baby.

If you are a breastfeeding mom, I will bring the baby to you and allow for enough time to nurse your baby. After your baby is done feeding, I will burp him, change him and soothe him back to sleep, all while mom and dad go back to sleep. If your baby is bottle fed, I will also feed your baby and let you sleep through the night.

While doing overnights at your home, I will sleep when your baby sleeps and when she is awake, I'll make sure she is well taken care of and guide her to the understanding that nighttime is for sleeping.

Overnights are usually from 10 pm until 6 am.

My fee for overnight postpartum services is $30 an hour unless other agreements have been made.