About Majbritt

My journey as a doula began the day I found out I was pregnant. I was one of those women who loved being pregnant and I couldn't wait to give birth. Of course I wanted to meet my baby, but I was just so excited to go through the rite of passage of giving birth. My son, Daniel was born in a hospital in 2002 and his birth left me wanting more! I realized that my journey in life is meant to be surrounded by babies being born. Becoming a doula just seemed to be the exact right fit for me. So my journey as a doula, birth and breastfeeding advocate began and I'll forever be grateful for all the beautiful births I get to witness.

My daughter was born in water, at home in 2007. Her birth was gentle, beautiful and utterly magical. My daughter's birth empowered me beyond anything I ever could have imagined and taught me to fully trust myself and my body. I'm so blessed to have two beautiful children that continue to teach me how to be a better mom and woman.

My life as a doula works so well with my life as a mother. Both take compassion, love, acceptance and flexibility! I strongly believe in a woman's ability to birth the way she feels is right for her. I encourage my clients to listen to their inner voice for guidance in preparing for labor, birth and motherhood. Our intuition can always be trusted and will always guide us in the right direction. I love witnessing women becoming mothers and men becoming fathers. It's life changing and leaves me breathless and in awe every time.

Good luck on your journey, may it be filled with love, laughter and happiness.