You are embarking on an exciting journey. From the moment of conception, your body begins to nurture and provide for your unborn child. As your baby grows inside you, your body will continue to change and care for your soon-to-be son or daughter, until the moment when nature decides it is time for you to become a mother. Soon you will be holding your newborn baby in your arms, and I hope I can be there to help you achieve your ideal birth.

What is a Birth doula?

The word doula comes from Greek, and refers to a woman who personally serves another woman.

A doula provides kindness and comfort to a woman in labor. This is an especially important job, because the doula encourages and provides support to a woman when she is giving birth, one of the most vulnerable times in a woman's life. They do not do clinical tasks such as heart rate checks, or vaginal exams. In addition to emotional support, doulas work as advocates of their client's wishes and may assist in communicating with medical staff to obtain information for the client to make informed decisions regarding medical procedures.

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About Majbritt

I have been with other women during their labors, helping them achieve a gentle birth. I have completed DONA International's Doula training and I am currently working on the last requirements for certification. Being a mother myself, I know that giving birth is a life changing event and the most empowering and amazing experience a woman will ever have.

I hope that you find the right person to guide you through your pregnancy and labor. I wish you luck on your journey and I hope you cherish each minute of your pregnancy and the miracle of birth.

My journey as a doula began the day I found out I was pregnant. I was one of those women who loved being pregnant and I couldn't wait to give birth...Learn more about Majbritt.

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